Assistant Human Resources Manager

Assistant Human Resources Manager

Work Location: Yangon

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 10-11-2020

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

 Assist in developing human resources plans and procedures.

 Planning, organizing, and controlling the activities and actions of the HR department.

 Contributing to the development of HR department goals, objectives, and system.

 Implementing and revising a company’s compensation program.

 Conducting annual salary surveys.

 Analyzing, and updating the company’s salary budget and evaluation program.

 Maintaining and revising the company’s handbook on policies and procedures

 Assist and advice in conducting all human resource matter to senior management.

 Manage employee relations and receive employee’s feedback.

 Preparing and analyzing all HR reports and overall management of staff in HR.

 Plan and execute the required training and evaluate training effectiveness.

 Manage a big number of employees.

 Conduct the recruitment process, including interview guidelines and standard questionnaire.

Job Requirements

 Minimum 3 years of experiences in human resource management.

 Excellent organizational and leadership skills.

 Experienced in at least 100 manpower management.

 Strong knowledge of employment legislation and regulations in Myanmar.

 Good knowledge of labor laws and regulations.

 Highly organized person with strong people skills.

 FMCG background management.


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