Research & Development Manager

Research & Development Manager

Work Location: Yangon

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 24-08-2020

Salary: 2,000,000 Kya / Monthly


Job Description

- Managing new product development projects and innovation.
- Manage technical outreach and interactions with external suppliers to select and integrate battery solutions for use in projects.
- Provide engineering support battery systems (document problems in the field, investigate root causes, and influence future iterations).
- Work of Battery Systems & Product Development to create engineering standards policies for the company.
- Managing new product development projects and innovation.

Job Requirements

- B.E (Chem) or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
- Above 5 years of experience in advanced battery system design or Research & Development    field
- Strong analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills.
- Regulatory compliance and testing experience.
- Experience with environmental and safety requirements


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