Senior Farm Technical Manager

Senior Farm Technical Manager

Work Location: Yangon

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 25-09-2020

Salary: 3,000,000 Kya / Monthly


Job Description


·        Manage poultry breeder farm & hatchery operations in accordance with Company Farming Plan & Production Target 

·        Ensure maximum operational and financial performance (minimize wastage & losses) of the breeder farm business 

·        Monitor daily activities of the breeder & hatchery business

·        Manage field management activities, administration of livestock record-keeping and mobile property facilities associated with livestock production and husbandry of the animal assets.

·        Take care and implement the farming business; including farming husbandry; egg, cull and manure production and sales; ordering storage and consumption of farming feeds and water, etc.

·        Supervise in maintenance of livestock, equipment and production records.

·        Maintain strict bio security measures, safety, cleanliness and farm properties. 

·        Direct managing Farm Assistant Manager, Supervisors and farm workers.

·        Setup & enforcement of farm audit plan to ensure SOP in proper.


Job Requirements

·        Possess qualification in Agro-Sciences, Veterinarian or Animal Husbandry Sciences

·        Minimum 6 years of experience in Poultry Breeder farm management

·        Applicants must be willing to work in Farm 

·        Able to communicate in English


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